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American Throttle™

American Throttle™

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Ages: 21+

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by American Throttle Inc #ATGAME

Description - American Throttle™    
American Throttle™ the Game is, in a few words, a Trivia Poker Run that takes you around the United States. This game is an experience that tests your knowledge of motorcycling, motorcycle trivia and road skills. Add some good old fashioned poker, some time to hang with your biker buddies and an open road attitude, just might be ready to Ride On!

Like any real bike ride, it ain't easy making it from one point to another. American Throttle™ takes you on one hell of a tour through the country, the history, major rallies and the life of motorcycling. If you're green, you might not do so well at this game at first. After all, some knowledge has to be earned. If you're a veteran, you could earn some cash by the time you finish. Either way, American Throttle™ is an authentic passage through the cultural mystique of the road!

The original intent of the game is an adult oriented game that includes gambling and drinking. This game is meant to be played by persons the age of 21 and over. The game can be played by either up to 7 adults or up to seven teams!

Contents Include: game board, die, 1 set of poker cards, 1 set of "Two Wheeler Trivia" cards, 1 set of "What the Hell is That?" cards, 15 motorcycle game pieces with stands and instructions.

Made in the USA

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Charley  from  ME
Great game
I would recommend it to anyone who is into motorcycles / group riding / club. You can play as teams or as individuals 7 markers .