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Pass the Pigs Game

#WM1046 - Winning Moves
Pass the Pigs Game
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Ages: 9+
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...Hurling barnyard animals has never been so entertaining! Toss two pig "dice" and see how they land-- it determines how many points you get. For example, if both pigs land on their feet you score a Double Trotter for a whopping 20 points. Perfectly portable, it's the ideal amusement for fun on the run. Kids and grown-ups alike agree-- this game is a real squeal--all hooves on deck! For 2 or more players.

Warning: Choking Hazard - Contains small parts not suitable for children under 3 years.

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Reviews: Review this item!
great game
I used to play this game 20 years ago w/my family of five. I didn't know they made the game anymore...I was just asking my parents the other day what the name of that pig game we used to play was. We all had a great time playing it and it was easy enough for kids to play also.
--laurie from virginia

awesome game! Great drinking game
we play this game for five bucks up to a hundred. it's great for the competitive person, and it's great, clean fun. sure beats cards!
--mike from las vegas

Loads of Laughs
Was introduced to this game recently by a cousin from Boston. At first I thought it was just a kid's game, but as we played, we saw how it was full of strategy, risk taking, and just plain fun. Sorry kids, Ma and Dad have to take the game to the neighbors tonight!
--Roger from Ontario, New York

Fun Game for all Ages
Pass the Pigs has gotten a universal "thumbs up" from my friends. It's a game you can play and have a conversation at the same time. Perfect for relaxing and laughing with your friends and family over coffee.
--Amanda from Nashville

Great Game For The Whole Family!!
I was introduced to this game a little over a year ago and recently picked up my own set. What a wonderful game for the whole family to play. We have played with kids as young as 4 to adults as young as...well let's just say 60. We all have a great time and find it hard to stop playing. You'll never be a "leaning jowler" playing this game. It's a great gift for children of all ages from little "trotters" to...well lets just say to "razorbacks" of any age. I guarentee if you get this game you'll have an "oinker" of a great time. But whatever you do don't "pig out" on Pass The Pigs, leave a few for all of the others that have used their little "snouters" to find this game too. Sorry for all the puns, just couldn't resist!
--Rosetta from Ohio

Great silly fun
My friends and I, all retired teachers, play a round or two of this game every week. It's amazing how much fun it is, for something so silly and easy to learn.
--Diane from Louisiana

The Party Rolls when I break out the pigs
I bought this game as a gift for an ex girlfriends daughters a few years back. They loved it, and a few years after we broke up, I got a call from one of the girls. One of her favorite memories of the fun we had together was playing pass the pigs. After that call, I found myself buying another copy. Now, when I go to a party of friends, since it is easily carried in my pocket, it isn't long before asks if I brought the pigs. This is a fantastic game for all ages. Be warned though, once you start playing, it can be very hard to put down. It really is that much fun!!!!!
--Roger from Tennessee

Lots of laughs
My mother in-law has this game and we have been looking for it and finally we found it online. We have game night at our friends and I thought it will be a lot of fun to introduce it to them we have been looking fo a new game to play. It is a lot of fun wondering how they are going to land
--Michele from TXr

I love this game!
I was recently looking for games I could play with my boyfriend who is still learning English, so playing those trivia type games and Scrabble wouldn't really be fun. Then I remembered back to this game that I used to play with my mom all the time when I was a kid. Back then it was in a pink or yellow box I think and the name was different. Just today I was thinking about how it's sorta like Yahtzee with a twist. I like this game a lot. Good memories. I'm buying it for myself as I don't think my family has it anymore (or who knows where it is).
--Sarah from Vermont

this is the greatest game - words can't describe the fun...
We bought this game and have since introduced it to lots of friends... it is great fun for adults and have to try it. Once you do you will be hooked!!!
--Becky from North Adams, MA

This will now replace my favorite dice game
Some friends (44 yrs old)were over and having played cards and dice all night we decided to switch when my friend told us of this pig game he picked up while living in London England. We laughed all night while watching the positions these pigs fell into. If you enjoy rolling dice you will have hours of fun with these pigs.
--Leticia from Whiting, IN

Very Addictive
My 44 year old brother had this game at my parents house over Christmas. I thought it sounded really strange but after just a few minutes of playing the whole family was laughing and having a good time. I highly recommend this game. It is also good for younger kids to learn addition. My sister and I have now both ordered the game. It will stay in my purse for travel game and anytime the kids say "I am bored."
--Amy from North Vernon

Chick Magnet.
This game is the best way to get attention by someone you would like to meet. just start playing and someone is bound to introduce themselves because they are curious as to what they are.
--bob from connecticut

We play for pushups
I am part of a wildland fire crew and during down time we play pigs for pushups. As each player goes out the remaining players do 5 pushups. The last player in does the difference between their score and 100.
--Mike from South Dakota

Old friend comes to visit
Friends in England gave me this game at least 20 years ago. I never knew it was available on this side of "the Pond" but it's entertained me, my friends, and now my children for years.
--Mosie from Williamsville, NY

Just learned at 20 and love it
I was just mountaineering and one of the guides brought this game and it is fantastic. Doesn't involve much thought, easy to get excited about when people get crazy rolls or when you add in the hog calls, we played with up to 8 people at once, plus it is easily portable with the carry case. I would highly recommend this game to everyone.
--Me from Here

The kids wouldn't let us play this game without them!
My husband and I bought this game to play at the hotel pool while the kids swam, but the kids ended up wanting to play. We had a blast, and the kids kept asking if we could play it again and again. Never gets boring! It is small enough to keep in your purse and take with you wherever you go.
--Cindy from Kalkaska, Michigan

Pigs Rule!
This is a great compact game. My family travels a lot and it travels easily with us. Everybody enjoys it including the baby. She tries to eat it. The toddlers are not able to play it, but they enjoy watching their elders play.
--Thor from kansas city

Sounds stupid .... until you try it!
Don't describe this game to your friends, they'll think you're crazy. You have to just bring it and play it with them. There's nothing else I know of that is clean and wholesome and can get a group of distinguished adults screaming and laughing as quickly! We have several sets of friends who call us to come over, and they always say "Bring the piggies!". We end up buying several sets every year at Christmas to give to the year's "converts".
--Faith from Jacksonville

played it in the '80s
I remember this game from my college days - back then it was called Pigmania. I think I saw the box last time I was visiting my parents. What a great game! I'm glad to see it's resurfaced!
--Becky from Wisconsin

I love to pass the pigs!!
I just happened on this game, while looking for a toothbrush in Orlando. I didn't really play the game until I got back home to WV. But I have been playing with a friend, recently, and have had the greatest fun!! We unfortunately lost one of the pigs(a die), and I haven't been able to find the game, or a replacement, anywhere!(Thank's internet shopping!!)The game is a lot of fun!! It's one of the most enjoyable games that I have ever played. GO ON NOW>>>PASS THE PIGS.OINK:)))
--anna from wv

Awesome Game!
I LOVE THIS GAME!!! It sat on my top shelf for a while, but I finally picked it up and you know what? Hurling barnyard animals has never been this fun!!!
--Hemlock from Atlanta

draw your own game board w/family rules!
The fun of this game brings out the silly in you. We drew a game board on a piece of cardboard that included a fence and a pond. If your pig landed in the pond you were out.
--maria from virginia

We have a group of friend that go to Cozumel Mexico every year. This year one of the yearly condo owners brought this game. We had so much fun gathering people to play. What a fun way to break the ice and get to know people around the pool. I am buying one so I will have my own for parties and to take with us next year on vacation. Buy one you won't be disappointed!
--Renee from Indiana

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