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Ouija Board

#HB00600 - Hasbro
Ouija Board
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Ages: 8+
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The famous Ouija board--it's been consulted for over 30 years. How it works is still a mystery! It's simple to use. Rest your fingers lightly on the game's oracle. Now ask your question. Concentrate hard and watch as the answer is revealed in the message window. Will it tell you yes...or no? Will it give you a number...or spell out the answer? Ask any question you want. Ouija will answer. Glow-in-the-dark parts make this game a must-have for sleep overs! For 2 players.

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Reviews: Review this item!
Interestingly magickal
Boy this thing is creepy at first! After you get the hang of it though, it is even scarier, but awesome. I've contacted dead people and even people who were having OBE 's. I really love it. It's great!
--Joe from VA

Its not worth it
I just got mine board yesterday and I did everythng I was suppose to and nothing happend. I tried it by myself and with three others and still nothing. So I really do not recondmend this junk.
--Gerardo from MA

sooooo fun! i love this game!
--mads from OAISHF'OISDAH

Great fun!
I can't help but laugh when I read the reviews on this page taking this thing seriously.. It's not a toy! they're coming for you! get out of the house! (like my little Amityville nudge there?) The cold hard fact is that it is a toy, it was created in 1882 (or around then) by a toy company.. a toy company.. it has no historical background of the occult, it is a cleverly marketed toy. TOY. TOY. TOY. And I love it, it makes for a great party gimmick and everyone has a real blast using it! I completely recommend getting one, if you are thinking about it!! A+++
--Ron from LA

well I researched the game before I played it and I would say u should to because I have heard many good and bad stories about it and u should always take it seriously and respect it I havent had any bad experiances with it but thats because im very careful with how I interpret the board and the spirits. I would tell everyone what I know about it but that would be way to much to write so if I were you which im not I would research the board before I go messing around with it. ITS NO GAME!!!! P.S. those stories about ppl saying they ask it when there gonna die and it says something like in the next couple of days those stories arent true its been proven by experts that that has never happend and it totally fictional and thats also a stupid question so dont ask it that it will just leaving u worrying for no reason
--Lacey from Oregon

Ouija - Seriously
The Ouija Board is something to take seriously. The most common mistake people make is not shielding and setting up " Sacred Space " before using the board. And yes I agree, " DO NOT DISRESPECT THE SPIRITS " It's not a toy, and something that should be taken lightly. Parker Bros. should change the age on the game and make it for adults.
--Morganna from Indianapolis,IN

The spirits are real so be careful what you ask.
My first wild experience was in 1979 after my divorce from my childhood sweetheart lasting 13 years. I moved to Phoenix,Az. where I rented a room with my 2 children. My roommate had a ouija board she invited me to play. My children watched as we started to play asking it silly questions at first, then I asked if I would ever marry again it said yes seven. I asked their names which I wrote them all down thinking this thing is crazy! Well I am on my seventh marriage and every name was correct! My next experience was in 1985 a bit more paranormal. With doors opening, the room feeling ice cold and hearing voices. A dark shadow was seen going down the hallway then my Grandmother appeared to us in the hallway, an aura of light surrounding her, the board spelled out Lamb of God in Spanish. My Grandmother's warning us to stop. I believe she protected us from the dark spirit. We stopped. I've never played again.
--Bebe from Kingman,Arizona

Not cool
Guys and gals you dont need to be messing with this kinda game. Yea sure it's fun and all but you need to watch what you are doin, when you are playing this game you are allowing spirits into your body and they are using you to tell the answer to your question, but sometimes the spirit will NOT come out! you can be possessed by this game. Only play with some-1 who knows what they are doin. NEVER PLAY THIS GAME ALONE!!! if you go to a website about Ouiji Boards it will tell you that they are very dangerous and shouldn't be taken as a joke. Please beware of what you are doing. Dont take this as a joke this is a very serious matter!!
--Jessica from Georgia

I liked it, we talked to some pretty cool people, or whatever. I say you do need to make sure know what your doing and DON'T DO IT ALONE!!!!!!! take me seriously, please. Have Fun!
--Jessica from Georgia

The Power Of Ouija
The power of Ouija is not to be played with it is not just a game, it is a way of life. My master The Great Puzuzu tells you never to mess with the powers of spells and black magic unless you are protected. GL
--Kenya from Ohio

Its got mystic powers unknown
I always had a oujia board just sitting in random spots in my room for the longest time and i always had a feeling like it possesed a spirt of some sort and i could feel its presence when i saw or came near it.
--Zach from Storm Lake Iowa

Witch friendly
I am a wiccan and i find this useful.i went to my friends house for a ritual and it burns your hands if you ask stupid questions. Make these serious. If you are going to contact someone who you know for a fact is dead and there related to you you need a item of theirs to attract them otherwise it could just be someone else tapping into your memorys and talking to you in the manner that that person used to. It is dangerous but also is a must have for serious matters involving family issues and family deaths. With this you can say good bye to a long lost pal or family member or pet etc...
DO NOT BUG PEOPLE WHO ARE STILL LIVING WITH IT WHO ARE PROBABLY ASLEEP!!! It screws with the board and their and your mind. This is not a game but a tool. Use it after studying it for a long time. DO NOT BOTHER DEAD CELEBS! Theey already have enough trouble. You NEED to know how to end a possesion incase it happens. No a bible and holy water do not work. you need flames, Candles, incence, and a quartz stone. They are like 50 cents. if you need more advice or help just send me an e-mail at
--Shinsoru from Maine

Get serious
I have used Ouija alone and with others. The board is a toy. It does not move by itself, YOU have to make contact with the planchette and YOU have to move it. The trick is to get the uninitiated to use it with you. Press down HARD on your side of the planchette. The other person must press hard enough to keep it from flipping over. Then.... well you get to have lots of fun with their mind....until they get into the act as well. That's when things can get interesting. Will you really contact a spirit? Get serious!
--William from GA

Scary, interesting, funny, and a blast!!!
Great for sleepovers. One of the best questions to ask is " how many people are in the room", it is sooooo creepy. I had the best time playing it, now all my friends want one!
--Haley from Missouri

the greatest game EVER!!!
Ok so I got this then one nite me and a friend and my brother where playing then my bro asked the spirit to prove it was actully in the room the our fan broke apart then i got hit with a soda bottle! this is a really funn game but if your planning on asking it something your not sure about play it out side so if the spirit does take over and haunt your house but at least it wont be IN your house. otherwise its a really funn game.
--Bella from AZ

Yeah, I use Ouija whenever I need answers to my questions, some people say its a sin, its bad to play, well thatís up to you to decide, your the one who is going to play it, not other people, I used to not want to play it, well I bought one of these, the glow in the dark is the best part, anyway so I played it the first day I bought it, gave me good answers, you should really buy one of these. Playing alone or with somebody else just be respectful and kind to the spirits, and you will have fun!
--Cristian from Texas

Not A Toy!
The Ouija board is not a toy by any means. And the Ouia board has been around a lot longer than the history states. 1882 is when it was officially and publically created. My family had a board that was over 2 thousand yrs old, its long gone. Stolen of course, but it still speaks to the origins of the board. That its far older than the "official" ceation. If you haven't had anything happen, consider yourself LUCKY. Laugh, giggle, whatever you want. But it does not change the fact, that its dangerous. Altho' spiritual energy is what helps bring spirits through. After all you are opening a portal, and the stronger the spiritual energy, the more things happen. Oh just an fyi. NEVER burn a board, its a portal and if you burn it. You leave that ortal open and you need the board to close it. You have to get the spirit/entity to tell you goodbye.
--Jennifer from Ohio

Educate yourself first
Don't bash or freak out about the board until you know about it and how to use it, and most people don't. There is nothing evil about just make it that way out of paranoia. Enjoy it.
--Ouija Yoda from NV

I had my first experience with the ouija board last week and it will be my last. I was with four other people and the "ringleaderĒ of the group warned me not to mock the spirit we were trying to contact or ask stupid questions. I was skeptical, so the first thing I did was ask a silly question. The spirit we were trying to contact clearly DID NOT my sense of humor; the pointer suddenly burned my hands! I then-at the advice of the ringleader-apologized to the spirit for my sarcasm, but when I tried to but my hands on the pointer, I got my hands burned AGAIN-this time so badly I ended up with blisters on my fingers! Needless to say that was it for me using ouija boards! I admit to being a non-believer in such things; now I am not. But Iíll never go near a ouija board for the rest of my life!

Had one as a kid but now am 61.
What a hoot. When I was at a sleepover, we could really get into it @ 3:00 am or so, but we could always tell the kid moving the vehicle. What a rue. Makes me think of some of the junk I watch on TV these days about Ghost chasing. I mean, Zac is cute and stuff but too camera ready and chasing it all the time. I love Ghost Hunters and have a couple of their T's cause I think they really are serious debunkers plus they are seriously scared sometimes. It's kinda cool and they're kinda some of the first kids on the block about all this stuff. Just like I had one of the first Minis around here 7 years ago before anyone else did. Now they're everywhere. But, I digress. This thing just doesn't do it for me about spirits. I'm a Buddist/Taoist and have come as close to dying as you can get and have gone through through the Bardos, if you know what that means, but I got through the ghosts - just like Buddha. I learned how to follow the true path true all the creatures emboding what we want reaching out at me and getting though. This makes me think this Ouijoui is kinda silly. I still am not a non-believer. As the Dalai Lama has said, "Always question everything." I'm buying a board again after all these years!! gaiabetsy
--gaiabetsy from Knoxville, Tn

A useful tool for accessing the sub-conscious
When I was about 8 or 9 my Grandmother (a kindergarten teacher) had a board and my mother and I became fairly adept in its use and enjoyed a great deal of amusement and amazement from our sessions. However, insofar as she is very religeous and consciencious about her faith, at some point she decided it was evil and it disappeared. Recently I have been involved in research and the study of Quantum physics and have deduced that the Ouija board works through the principle of 'muscle testing'. It taps the sub-conscious mind in much the same fashion as dowsing or 'water witching' and is only as good or evil as the intent of the users. Have fun with it! Enjoy, and perhaps you will be amazed.
--James from Uhrichsville, OH

This is no game
This board isn't some game, and I'm talking from person experience. I would go into detail about my experience when I was younger, but it would be a lengthy story. Just know that this is not a game, I don't know why this board is still on the market. But if you are still curious, be aware of taking on the responsibility of dealing with whatever you may conjure up. That's all.
--Desmond from Santa Monica

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