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Murder Mystery Party - Pasta, Passion & Pistols

#33201 - University Games
Murder Mystery Party - Pasta, Passion & Pistols
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Everyone's a suspect when murder is on the menu. Here's everything you need to serve up mystery, murder, and fun - party planner, invitations, recipes - plus a tasty murder to solve. Just invite seven of your friends to join you for dress up and to play the roles of devious suspects. Serve up a meal or light snack, and you're ready for some drop-dead fun!

The succulent aroma of home cooked pasta is drifting from New York City's most popular Italian eatery, La Speranza, but something else is heating up in the kitchen... Cold-blooded murder! Restauranteur Pepi Roni has been shot in the back with his own pistol. Tonight his family and friends will gather to pay their respects to poor Pepi, but one of the guests won't be shedding any tears.

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Reviews: Review this item!
Had a blast - great fun and good food
Did this as a fund raiser for charity. Our cast really got into the charactors and our audiance had a ball. Gave out detective stars and score sheets. Cast did not know who did it and we didn't rehearse so it was spontanious. A small prize was given to the persons guessing the person "WHO DONE IT". Had a buffet of pasta and salad.
--Barbara from Alameda, California

Fun to die for!
Get the red and white checked table cloth, tacky candles and lots of red wine. We suggest you have two people act as "directors" to play the tape and keep your guests on track and moving. Plan on the entire evening and use your imagination for the menu and guests costumes. We made our guests " an offer they could not refuse".
--Mark from Ellicottville, NY

Great Fun! Surprise and suspense!
This was a great murder mystery game. No one guessed the murderer! Great twists and secret surprises. The Italian food menu, candles, and of course, fine wine made for a great murder mystery evening at La Sperenza Restaurante. Highly recommend!
--jeanne from Northern California

This game was so much fun! It was hilarious with everyone trying to talk with italian accents! And the menu ideas were great! They even give you real recepies in your party planner! We cant wait to do another one!
--Vicky & Joey from Virginia

What better way to spend an evening with friends!
This was the first of several A la Carte murder mysteries I've done. It was absolutely a great time and my neighbors really enjoyed themselves. The characters are great and it's so much fun to improvise along the way. I even added the outline of a dead body to my kitchen floor to add to the atmosphere.
--Barbara from Cary, NC

This was our fourth murder mystery party. It was definitely one of the best. I made pizza parlor like menus, decorated the walls with photos of Italy,The Italian Flag, pasta dishes etc.. Our guests came in costume and said it was one of the best times they had.
--Suzy from PA

Thumbs UP
My Red hat club has done this twice with different players each time. It is hilarious and the women playing men's parts provides the MOST hilarity. The womanizer was kissing hands and pinching butts! You don't know how condescending men are till you see a woman playing the part! We laughed till we cried! We could not talk for our hysteria! Good thing there was a script. We would not have come up for air otherwise!
--Linda from Sacramento

Birthday Bash
A few years ago a good friend of mine had this murder mystery as her birthday party. We had so much fun and in the middle we made our own pizza and breadsticks! It was hilarious to see the birthday girl dressed up like "Angel." I would suggest this one to EVERYONE!
--Chelsea from Sonoma, CA

Just did this mystery last night! We had so much fun! Everything you need to really have a great time! Costume suggestions are Great! Script is awesome and you can add in whatever you feel! By the end of the evening I really thought I was part of and Italian Family! You can't go wrong with this one!
--Angel from Illinois

It was to die for!!!
As a bunch of Freshman we really enjoyed the game. We liked the story line from begining to end and we liked how it played out. We liked Antonio Tellastory and how he helped us to actually be the characters.
--Angel from Somewhere

Such a Great Time
We needed an excuse to throw a party, so we called together the whole crew and put on a murder mystery. We had never done one before and it was such a good time! The clues came out of no where but fit in and the end was such a surprise. The characters were so varried and fit all of us perfectly. It made for an amazing Friday night! Now we are on to "Staying Alive" for more fun. We can't enough!
--Sarah from Massachusetts

This was our first Murder Mystery party... everyone had a BLAST, looked great and used their best Italian accents! I can't wait to do another!
--Dani from Maryland

Something different and exciting
My fiance and I were amazed at how everyone dressed to perfection, top hat, black attire, mustach, waitress outfit and more. Everyone's accent was great. We removed furniture from our livingroom and replaced with 4 bistro tables and chairs. Each table had a candle, red rose in a vase, table settings, and their guest card and script booklet. We had signs all over our house and dressed it like a restaurant. Everyone did a great job at ad-libbing between lines and acts. It was a true murder mystery to the end and we were all shocked of who done it! We plan on doing many more mysteries because of its success.
--Troy & Sara from Grand Island, New York

It was a night of AMORE!
This was the BEST murder/mystery dinner I had-actually it was the first, but the first is the best! We had so much fun-the twists and turns were excellent! What made it more authentic, everyone we invited was Italian! Not to let my children feel left out, they acted as hostess/waitress and coat check/bartender--A great time had by ALL! Capiche?!
--Wendy from Buffalo, NY

Lots of Laughter in Little Itlay
What a lot of fun. I had never done a murder mystery game before and now I am hooked. I went to a friends house for this and many of us improvised on a lot of the dialogue. I hurt from laughing and can't wait to host one at my house will all my friends.
--Suzanne from Toledo, OH

This game was a riot!!! My family, who is mostly Italian-American and some in-laws, who are not Italian, along with some really fun neighbors played the other night. What a lot of fun we had! I especially liked decorating the house, making the "Ristorante" sign, and even an Italian sign for the bathroom! We will most definately order another "BePuzzled" game and play it real soon! We even gave out awards for the "Best Actors/Actresses" in various categories. Would highly, highly recommend this game to anyone who likes to have fun!!! Joan
--Joan from Walworth, NY

Not so good...
A bit disappointed - shorter than the others, weak or no alibis. Liked the idea of performing actions, but no guidelines. Worst of the Murder a la Carte games.
--Pip from UK

Great Italien murder
With a few friends this party was great. The characters were original and their secrets were dark. This made the characters fall out and cause friction. With an Italien meal and lots of wine it was a fun event. We are soon planning another one!
--jade from portsmouth

Fantastic, the best one so far
Wonderful characters, best costume suggestions, the best dialogue. Looking for more but no descriptions ever say the year that the games are set. That's an important deciding factor in the dressing up descisions. Consider when reviewing please.
--Margaret from Glasgow

There's nothing in life like homicide.
My sixth murder and probably one of the best. It worked well especially as most of the people there had done another before and so were aware of the rules. My main problem now is we have done the only party designed for twelve and as a result I have too many friends for the parts! Maybe I could kill some of them off, yes... that would solve that problem.
--Elizabeth from England

the best laughs in a long time
once we got the idea of the game, we really got ourselves going. we took the liberty of rewriting some of the scripts to pertain more to the person whose part it was. we went and got italian paintings to put around the room, a podimium where they had their reservations and name tags to pick up. we then make up our own large menu and put it on a an easel to show the evening's specials. we also make our own wine labels with the the restruant name and winery name on. Turned out great. We put the outline of the body on the floor and had the table set just right with the italian music playing. we took considerable liberties with the play as i added the part of the waitress since i had to take care of the food and the music. then my co-host and i decided that it would be the waitress who did the killing and made her to have an affair with marco roni. I made up my own ending and then made up my own cd so that my voice played right along with the original cd. my maria chainti and i was a member of the chainti enterprises. of course no one guess me but as i told them in the beginning no one and nothing is what it seems. we had the party for my mothers 85 birthday. It started at 6 and ended at 2:30 in the morning and she was still going strong with us. i also made my own karoke and we all sang volare, mambo italiano, etc. as a group and had a real blast. my birthday is in february and i am ordering the western mystery for that one. i know it will be great.
--linda from naples, florida

Fun! I'd recommend it to others!
We had a great time. I decorated with jars of various shapes/colors of pasta. Also glued a "bow-tie" pasta to each place card beneath the name. Before the party started there was a "ceremony" with the priest to honor Pepi's memory - this included a chant, incense, a white calla lilly and a shrine to the deceased which included his picture. We had three children play "alter boys" who participated in this ceremony - it got the evening off to a great start! Everyone had a blast and no one guessed the murderer!
--Kathleen from Greenville SC

wicked fun for the whole family
we played this game with my in laws and all had a blast. we had loads of italian fare and everyone wore costumes (even the people i didn't expect would wear them!). we even had my 12 year old stepdaughter as a character and she had no problems. (it was too much for the 10 year old, though)..thoroughly enjoyable evening!!
--averi from uk

We just finished playing this mystery din party and we had a blast!!... We set up the dining room w/ two person tables (2 wood t.v. trays w/ red and white table cloth draped over). Our regular dining table was used as a working bar, we had italian music playing, and my parents played the waitress and host at La Sperenza! My husband and I had soo much fun! We even made menus with our very own selection of foods so that everyone had a choice for what they wanted! I host these games about once a month , and I have not been let down yet, this is a must have! this was an easy game to play if you have more ppl then the game requires attending, 2 of our friends were just customers in the restaraunt that would start dialogue going. I love the dinner party games, and cant wait to own them all... I hope you enjoy too!
--Krystal from Texas

Biggest hit of the year of any social event in our boating club.
We had 80 people attend at a restaurant. We feasted on a chicken parmesan dinner and red wine. Three rehearseals were held and the cast just became better with each one. No one named the murderer but everyone raved over all the fun they had at the party. They are demanding we do one every year as part of our social calandar for our boat club.
--Bill Fitzgerald from Punta Gorda, Fl

We Had A Blast, so much fun!! We laughed our socks off!!
We played this game at our Church's Valentine Party with 30 people. The food theme was Italian so this game fit perfectly. We had so much fun and laughed our socks off, all the participants really got into their character's and everyone had a ball trying to figure out "who done it?" Well I wont give it away, you will have to get the game for your self and find out.
--Rita from Indio, Ca.

Excellent script, loved the characters names!
The players gave 150% and became the Characters. Added a character the "Inspector" from the Pink Panther and used the theme song and had him dressed in overcoat and hat and worked the audience looking for clues. The Inspector handcuffed the guilty player at the end. All players interacted with the audience. We put this on at church a week ago and they are still laughing and wondering when we will do it again! Thanks for the other reviews that was previously submitted, I used their ideas along with our own to make this successful.
--Mary from Utica, N.Y.

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