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Athena Brain Teaser

Athena Brain Teaser

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Price:$19.98 Ages: 8+

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by Popular Playthings #HC70420

Description - Athena Brain Teaser    
Welcome to Athena, an Olympian Brainteaser. The good news, archaeologists have found an ancient statue of Athena! The bad news, she's in two pieces. Help the team put Athena back together again!

The Play: Clear a path so the Chief archaeologist can carry Athena's top half over to her bottom half. How? Just shift the dig workers around on their team-color paths.

The Challenges: Try all 50 brain-excavating challenges. As the dig site gets more crowded, the challenges get harder...but don't worry, if your brain caves in, the solution is provided to help dig you out. So, what are you waiting for? Get down to the dig site!

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