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Original: $24.98
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Ages: 8+

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Fun for Kids & Adults
Mind Challenging Games
Word Games
by HL Games #HLU005

Description - AmuseAmaze    
AmuseAmaze is the spellbinding word-race game set in a letter maze. It's a game where words don't have to be biggest to be best and where even little words are winners. It combines the fun of a maze with the thrill of a race, the joy of play with the love of words as players race through the maze of hedges and letters spelling words as they go. Plus you'll never play the same game twice! That's because the unique 18-part game board provides more than 6 billion set-up combinations! What's more, the letter maze changes as you play! For 2 to 6 players age 8 and up. Winner of Top 10 New Games at Toy Fair 2007

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