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Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle: 1000 Pcs

Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle: 1000 Pcs

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Price:$16.98 Ages: 12+

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Mystery Puzzles
Jigsaws (751 - 1499 pcs)
by BePuzzled #33106

Description - Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle: 1000 Pcs    
A puzzling mystery and mystery puzzle in one! Read the mystery Obsession and assemble this challenging 1,000-piece puzzle to discover the cryptic clues hidden within. This sinister mystery revolves around a psychopathic killer obsessed with Hitchcock's famous movies - The Birds, Psycho and Frenzy. The finished picture is a secret, as it is not pictured on the box, adding to the thrill of the game. Keep your wits about you to solve this mystery and catch a killer before he or she strikes again! Ideal for Hitchcock and mystery fans. Completed puzzle measures 23 x 39.

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Ben  from  Netherlands
The puzzle was great fun. Together with a friend we spent several days finishing it. I try to solve a lot of mysteries and as usual I came up with a suspect. Unfortunately I was wrong...I suggest someone who isn't interested should read the solution. This way you can have a little bit more fun. After you've seen the solution it's nothing more than a nice picture.

Lynette  from  Queensland
Good puzzle
This was my first mystery puzzle, which I bought as a Christmas present for myself 4 years ago, and I loved putting it together. I've bought a puzzle each year since. As a Hitchcock fan, I figured out what the various items in the puzzle were going to be and it was fun to find the pieces for each one. I especially loved the "red herring" - a nice touch. I couldn't for the life of me figure out which Hitchcock movie had a fish in it.

S  from  Takoma Park, MD
The puzzle is great but it would be a better experience if we either could view the finished puzzle online or some assistance. This was a fun vacation project that lost some of the fun due to the difficulty and not knowing what it would look like.