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3D Crystal Puzzle - Skull (Clear): 48 Pcs

3D Crystal Puzzle - Skull (Clear): 48 Pcs

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Price:$12.98 Ages: 12+

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by BePuzzled #30944

Description - 3D Crystal Puzzle - Skull (Clear): 48 Pcs    
Delight your mind and eyes with this 3 dimensional brainteaser that will bend your brain! When you've pieced its interlocking plastic pieces together (be ready for a challenge), its glossy, sleek design will impress all who see it. Pirate fans will be impressed with the amount of details and design of the crystal skull.

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Jack  from  Even Beckley
2 hour solving time
I am an eleven year old who was relieved to finally finish this after two hours. Great conclusion!

Melinda  from  Michigan
Needs instructions
Needs to include instructions. Would be wonderful if my kids could figure it out. (Mee, too) says: Instructions are posted on the vender's website:

Big AL  from  Fisher's In.
We have got some of it together but need some help (like direction)
It is very hard to do without some type of direction ! we have try letting teenagers help with no success what are we to do ? says: Instructions are included on the vender's website:

Beth  from  Toledo,Ohio
Best puzzle I've ever done, I want more !
If you like puzzles you should love these. I think it's better they have no directions it makes them even more challenging.

scott  from  northern michigan
Needs instructions puzzle goes together easly with them
Great puzzle when I got the instructions very cool looking when done.

Ron evans  from  Houston,tx.
skull crystal puzzle needs instructions
Great puzzle just need instructions to get started..please send instructions and diagram for be puzzled crystal skull puzzle, thanks. says: Please find all instructions on the vender's website:

Cheryl  from  Peterborough ontario
Love these puzzles they are so addicting it was annoying at first without instructions but I find not having the instructions makes it more fun to do. This is the third one I have completed.

Karen  from  New Hampshire
Fun Puzzle
I debated whether or not to get this one. Skulls usually creep me out a little. But my Husband and I were at Walmart in Plymouth, NH yesterday (07-24-2015) and I decided to get it. I figured... I did not have this one yet so I may as well get it. This puzzle took me about an hour... maybe more... to put together. I started assembling from the top down, and then I couldn't find a piece I needed so I started assembling the other half from bottom up. Once I had both parts assembled... I just put them together. I was surprised both parts went together so easy without falling apart on me. I only used the instructions ONCE to figure out if I was putting a piece in the right spot since it was kind of a snug fit and seemed like it didn't want to go in place. Otherwise I did this one totally without the instructions. The finished product is cool. My Husband said too bad this one did not come with a florescent light to put inside of it so it glowed in the dark. That would have only creeped me out more. But it would have been kinda cool at the same time. Putting this skull together makes me want to get the Black Skull and put that one together. Maybe in the future. The Clear Skull does make a nice addition to my collection. Thanks again for a fun and not too difficult puzzle. Hope everyone else has fun with this one too !!

Amanda  from  Lewiston, Maine
The start of a collection
This was the second 3D puzzle that I did. I just thought it looked neat and since the first one I put together didn't take as long as I thought, I thought this one would be just a little harder-and was a right! I now have 6 of these completed all looking stunning and never a problem. Though some are harder than others, once you get your puzzle started, the rest of the peicing just fall into place!

amanda  from  sandfork wv
how to put the skull puzzle together
please send me the directions to the skull 3d puzzle it is an awesome puzzle I watched my sister put the mickey mouse charectors together and they were pretty easy.. please send me the directions to the skull thank you. says: Instructions are included on the vender's website: