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3D Crystal Puzzle - Locomotive: 38 Pcs

3D Crystal Puzzle - Locomotive: 38 Pcs

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Price:$12.98 Ages: 12+

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3D Puzzles
by BePuzzled #30902

Description - 3D Crystal Puzzle - Locomotive: 38 Pcs    
Delight your mind and eyes with this classic Locomotive 3 dimensional brainteaser that will bend your brain! When you've pieced its interlocking plastic pieces together (be ready for a challenge), its glossy, sleek design will impress all who see it. Original 3D Crystal Puzzles feature uniquely-shaped, interlocking, translucent crystalline pieces that give puzzling a whole new dimension.

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Nancy  from  Omaha NE
done in 40minutes
my mom gave this to my dad for christmas. my little sister who is 14 wanted to try it. so she goes to her her and comes out 40 minutes later with it done. she likes to take it apart and rebuild it.

Karen  from  New Hampshire
I Like My Train !
This one may have been a Level 1 puzzle, but this one just LOOKED like it was going to be more difficult. It wasn't actually that extremely difficult... but only mildly difficult to assemble. Putting on the littler wheels was most of the struggle I had with this one. My Husband helped me with those. And then, when I had the puzzle all assembled... the tightening rod kept coming loose, but did not break... thank God ! The finished product is so adorable. And the stand it comes with is actually a single set of tracks. So I thought that was neat too. This little locomotive is going to be an adorable addition to my puzzle collection. I have two more puzzles to assemble now and once I am done with those, I will have a full shelving unit.