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3D Crystal Puzzle - Emerald - Gem: 41 Pcs

3D Crystal Puzzle - Emerald - Gem: 41 Pcs

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Price:$11.98 Ages: 12+

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3D Puzzles
Jigsaws (101-300 pcs)
by BePuzzled #30917

Description - 3D Crystal Puzzle - Emerald - Gem: 41 Pcs    
Delight your mind and eyes with this 3 dimensional brainteaser gorgeous enough to adorn any room! When you've pieced its interlocking plastic pieces together (be ready for a challenge), its crystal brilliance will have you wishing you could wear it. 41 Pieces. Ages 12 and Up. Other gem styles available include sapphire, ruby and diamond.

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Jordan  from  America
Not as pretty as picture
The picture makes it look like it's a crystal clear sort of green, but the actual product is almost opaque and more of a mint green. The prettiest puzzles I've bought have been the dolphin and red apple

Karen  from  New Hampshire
My Very Own Emerald !
Too bad this emerald is not real... can only imagine how much it would be worth at its size. If it wasn't just some puzzle I had to put together. I had fun putting this puzzle together. It is a Level 1 puzzle so it was pretty easy for me to put together. The only trouble I had with it was the fact that the tightening rod did not want to go through one of the end pieces... it kept pushing the end piece away from the puzzle... and then the puzzle eventually fell apart on me. So I got the idea to switch end pieces and that seemed to work better. I was able to put the tightening rod in and tighten it. I Love Emeralds... they are one of my favorite gem stones. I had not put one of these gem stone puzzles together in about 5 years... last one I put together was the Blue Sapphire in 2010. So now I have two of my favorite gem stone puzzles. This one took me less than 30 minutes to assemble... before and after it fell apart on me. And it makes a nice addition to my collection !