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3D Crystal Puzzle - Castle: 105 Pcs

3D Crystal Puzzle - Castle: 105 Pcs

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Price:$20.98 Ages: 12+

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by BePuzzled #30961

Description - 3D Crystal Puzzle - Castle: 105 Pcs    
Delight your mind and eyes with this Deluxe royal 3 dimensional brainteaser! When you've pieced its interlocking plastic pieces together (be ready for a challenge), its colorful, sleek design will impress any puzzler. 105 pieces. Ages 12 and up.

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John  from  CO
Cool Castle
Was pretty somewhat challenging to put together but not the hardest puzzle I've ever worked on. I like this series because you don't have to buy a frame after the puzzle is finished.

Pat  from  TX
3 days to put together
3 days to put together with no instructions but product looks absoluty beautiful and it is large enough to see every detail. I loved it

Andy  from  South Carolina
This castle is only 105 pieces but it is pretty challenging, especially getting started. Be careful not to force the pieces together. The 5 flagpoles hold the entire thing rock solid.

Robin  from  Georgia
First 3D Puzzle
I bought this puzzle thinking it would be something new and challenging since I've only done flat puzzles before. It was all that and more. I enjoyed it so much I went and bought the dolphin piece and now I'm shopping for yet a third! I enjoyed every minute of it!

Chuck  from  SC
Good puzzle
Enjoyed putting it together. Interesting though. It says here that there are 105 pieces but our box said 104 pieces and we had one piece left over that really won't go anywhere.

Deb  from  Australia
3D crystal castle
I bought a 3D crystal castle and have no idea how to assemble it have done a small amount but its getting frustrating I left it in its box for 12 months now do you have any instructions on how to put it together please.

Robert  from  New Jersey
Seemed easy for being so many pieces...
My son worked on this, no internet instructions or youtube videos necessary. He completed it within about 3 hours. Kinda easy he said...

Karen  from  New Hampshire
Don't think I will be taking this one apart
This puzzle was the most challenging puzzle I have done yet. It was a Level 3 puzzle (all my others are Level 1 & 2). I am always up for a good challenge and this one definitely gave that to me. I was so glad to finally have it completed. It took me a while to put together... I had to finish it the next day because it was that challenging and it got late and I had to go to bed. But it was a fun challenge. If you think you are up for a Level 3 puzzle... I definitely recommend this one. I now feel like I have a model of Cinderella's castle, even though it doesn't look exactly like Cinderella's castle. A great puzzle for someone who Loves mind benders. I would NOT recommend this puzzle as your first Crystal 3D puzzle though. Try a level 1 or 2 puzzle first and then, after a few of those, then go up to Level 3. Good luck and have fun !!

puzzle master  from  arkansas
2 hours to complete this puzzle
Very challenging puzzle, but once you get started it goes together easy, I had the castle done within 2 hours, I have done different puzzles and enjoy putting together 3d puzzles, planning on doing more in the near future

Ebony  from  somewhere
I love the finished product but my problem was it was too easy for me personally..... so I wonder what the most challenging of the 3d crystals there is O.o (I have a feeling this addiction will cost xD )

christopher  from  Florida
Awesome with a capital A!
Even though this puzzle was easy it was a challenge to assemble the central tower. But this puzzle was very cool one. The screws that go into the four corner towers are ingenious.

nick  from  WI - Wisconsin
3D crystal puzzle
This one took couple hours, it little difficult that the puzzle are clear and it's hard to see the pieces fitting together. But it was fun putting it together, and plus it more fun showing off to my girlfriend that she can't figure it out.hahaha. After this one I probably be buy more of the 3D crystal puzzle.