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3D Crystal Puzzle - Black Treasure Chest: 52 Pcs

3D Crystal Puzzle - Black Treasure Chest: 52 Pcs

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Price:$12.98 Ages: 12+

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by BePuzzled #30948

Description - 3D Crystal Puzzle - Black Treasure Chest: 52 Pcs    
Delight your mind and eyes with this 3 dimensional brainteaser rescued from the bottom of the sea! When you've pieced its interlocking plastic pieces together (be ready for a challenge), its colorful, sleek design with brighten any room. When you've assembled the treasure chest puzzle, the key will open and close this sparkling treasure chest.

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Crystal  from  Columbus, Ohio
Challenging puzzle.
This was a pretty challenging puzzle. Found the directions online and that helped finish the piece. Think I am going to get the orange chest too.

Marty  from  Richmond, VA
3D Crystal Puzzles are a lot of fun and satisfying.
I have 21 of these puzzles to date, 6 of which are the skulls. The other night, I wanted to put one together bad enough that I took my chest apart and put it back together again. I know, dumb, but I really enjoy them that much. The chest is almost like 2 puzzles in one...the top and the bottom.

Karen  from  New Hampshire
Cool Puzzle !
I liked this puzzle, even though it was challenging. I tried to use youtube videos as instructions for completing this one, but the youtube videos didn't really help me. I did not yet know about the instructions on the website so my Husband helped me with this puzzle. He is really smart and knows how to figure things out better than I do without instructions. I really needed help with the pins that go into the top and bottom so my Husband mainly just helped me with those. They are supposed to just pop right in... that's what I had trouble with. Otherwise this puzzle was still a lot of fun. I keep tightening keys in this treasure chest for safe keeping... should I ever take puzzles apart, that use those keys, to reassemble them again some day in the future. This one was one of the most challenging, as was the Gold treasure chest, but I still had fun with it !

dina  from  gowanda ny
these puzzles are great
I always loved doing puzzles but the 3D puzzles bring so much more into puzzle making.Its hard to explain but once you make one;you want to make more because of the challenges in these puzzles.Get hooked, try just one.I did, now I own four and plan on buying more.