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221B Baker Street - The Master Detective Game

221B Baker Street - The Master Detective Game

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Price:$23.98 Ages: 14+

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Mystery Games
For Bookworms
by John N. Hansen Co. #JH23

Description - 221B Baker Street - The Master Detective Game    
A favorite for nearly 25 years, this game is a mystery classic. Enjoy 20 original Sherlock Holmes adventures, written especially for this game by mystery writers. In this game, each player dons the symbolic hat and pipe to assume the identity of the famous detective and see whose deductive powers are the best. Travel the streets of London on the gameboard, picking up clues as you go. Once you've cracked the case, return to Sherlock Holmes' home address and reveal the mystery. It's elementary! Includes gameboard, instructions, die, tokens, Scotland Yard cards, skeleton key cards, clue booklet and answer booklet, checklist pad and 20 original cases. For 2 to 6 players.

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Alison  from  Michigan
Excellent sleuthing fun for the mystery lover in all of us!!
One of the best mystery games out there. My 11-yr-old daughter loves it as well, and we can play for hours. The clues are interesting and sometimes challenging, but that is all part of the fun. When we moved here, we lost the game, and I have had to replace it - that is how much we have played! Recommended for 9-adult, but having a youngster assist you is a great idea! The games take an average of 45 minutes to play, but no one wants the game to end, since getting there is half the fun!

John  from  Utah
Not just luck
This game isn't based on who makes lucky guesses or rolls really good on the die but how well you can scour London for clues to solve the mystery.

Gordon  from  Sacramento
One of my top ten games!
Don't get me wrong, this is a FANTASTIC game. However I must recommend its far superior sequel, 221B Baker Street: The Time Machine. With the time machine version, the game designers have used elements of H.G. Wells' The Time Machine to bring Holmes and Watson to modern times in America. The cases all invole true, well known unsolved mysteries - from the JFK assasination to the O.J. trial. There is even a case that uncovers the truth behind the success of the television show, "Threes Company!" Enjoy the original, but if you can find 221B: The Time Machine, The Game Is Ahead.

Ben  from  Wisconsin
great fun
This is a great game; however, there are only 20 cases and I have not been able to find the supplement sets anywhere. Still worth it.

Candice  from  TN
Great Game!!
All-around great game for children. It encourages critical thinking and using your imagination as you try to solve the mystery

Loretta  from  MN
Great Game
I gave this game to my niece for her birthday. She had a good time playing it and I enjoyed myself too.