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Impossibles Puzzle - Cow Country: 750 Pcs

#33401 - BePuzzled
Impossibles Puzzle - Cow Country: 750 Pcs
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Price: $14.98

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Ages: 12+
Weight: 1.2 lbs

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Impossibles Puzzle - Hook, Line & Sinker: 750 Pcs

Wear your boots and watch your step when you're walking in Cow Country. The hidden map will tell you exactly where that country is. Can you do the impossible? If you're up for a real challenge... it's here with borderless puzzling fun, five extra pieces that don't fit anywhere and hidden objects within the image. Borderless 750-piece puzzle with 5 extra pieces.

Warning: Choking Hazard - Contains small parts not suitable for children under 3 years.

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Reviews: Review this item!
Compulsive Puzzling!!!
My husband and I completed this Impossible in 2 intensive days - it was FANTASTIC!! Finding the map was tricky, after a few hours of searching you start seeing things that aren't there!
--Fiona from Sydney, Australia

Fun puzzles
What a challange! I enjoyed putting this cow puzzle together. Even my husband had to try and help. It is definatly addicting. We finally finished, but we couldn't find the map.
--Sherry from PA

great/intense/mind boggling/fun/addicting
the puzzle was great. I too almost several times ripped it apart and put it back in the box. I finally saw progress when it was almost done I just could not see all those cow heads going into the puzzle. Keep up the good work, can't wait for the next one.
--marian from auburn, calif

Addictive and consuming...
I love cows and jigsaw puzzles, so I was most happy after recieving this puzzle for Christmas. After reading these other reviews I was determined to find the map once I had finished the puzzle - but I couldn't believe it - I actually spotted the map and I haven't finished the puzzle yet!! So keep searching - it's in there... I'm off to put a few more cows together...
--Sarah from Sydney, Australia

Slow to start, but getting better.
I received this puzzle after unwrapping a present about 40 by 40 cm on christmas day (it was only wrapped in movie film and newspaper, with a couple of boxes) The present took about an hour (literally) to unwrap, and then after following 30 clues, i finally unwrapped the puzzle. I thought it would be fairly easy as i had done one which i bought for my dad (with phones...many phones) but i was wrong... this one is a lot harder because there aren't so many different images. I'm still going, and it was slow to start off with, turning over all the pieces, sorting them out, etc. but it's getting better as i now have big lines and chunks of the puzzle put together... i will, no matter what , find the map, like i found big ben on the phone crazy puzzle.
--Sam from Brisbane, Australia

Fun, but took weeks to find the map
My wife just found the hidden map today. All I'll say is that it was smaller than that I thought, about 1.5" by 1" in area.
--James from Virginia

compulsive solving
This puzzle preoccupied me from Christmas day until Australia day (26 january)- I could not walk past it without trying a few more pieces - and what wonderful satisfaction when I started to see a strategy for handling the lack of information - and what utter JOY when i completed it. Only one gripe - I cannot, for the life of me, see the hidden map. Perhaps it is for americans only? Would appreciate some tips on this. I have just gone out and purchased another in the series - I suspect I am on the path to totally addictive behaviour.
--gill from australia

Challenging, but fun
This puzzle was difficult to get started, but once I had figured out a few tricks, it wasn't too bad. To find the map "read between the spots"
--Lisa from USA

It's cool but no hidden map
It was fun to see how the cows are merged together to form a large image, and the quality of the puzzle is great (you can lift up the complete puzzle).
BUT it's impossible to find the hidden map if you don't what is it. I mean, the cows inside the image forms the border of texas, and there's a not-patternd area, which looks like the US and one 'cow-country' is in NY. Please tell me what should I look for, a border of one US country, a USA map, a city map, an icon or text?
The hints were not enough: it cannot be inside the cows patterns, because they are cloned; 2.5x1.5 inch takes only 2pieces. Please help!
--David from Hungary

Although this puzzle poised a challenge upon opening, we knew with perservance and patience it would one day be done. After three days mom wanted the table cleared so that day my dad and I completed the puzzle. (Yeah thats right three days!)I don't think any can beat that. Within fifteen minutes of finishing, my boyfriend pointed out the hidden map. Any puzzle lover can't live without the puzzle for their collection; I give it two thumbs way up and five stars.
--Maggi Jo from Cow Country Wisconsin

great fun & addictive
I enjoyed Cow Country (Impossible Puzzle) so much I didnít mind losing the sleep, missing out on my favourite television shows, nor even afternoon tea to piece together this puzzle. Itís a perfect gift for any person with some spare time on their hands and requires a little challenge at the same time. However, Iíve tried magic-eye; looked at different corners of the puzzle, and still cannot see the hidden map along with many others.
--vuis from Melbourne, Australia

Solving this puzzle is not all black-and-white.... but udderly fun!
This puzzle was exciting for us since we raise Holsteins! It took us about 2 weeks (between milkings :-) to finish this puzzle and we were excited to see it come together ... but it would be moo-velous if someone could give us a "hint" where the map is. My daughters are asking if we can frame the puzzle and hang it in the milking parlor so we can keep looking for that map! Grab a glass of milk and a handful of cookies before you open the box and the boot-scooting begins!
--We Luv Cows from The Heart of Montana

VERY Challenging, but loads of FUN ! !
This was one of the most challenging puzzles I have ever done. Not the largest, by far. That one was just 3000 pieces. I can usually complete a 1000 piece(the kind with staight edges)in a single day, but this one got started on this last Monday afternoon and I did not complete it until the wee hours of Wednesday night. I still haven't found the hidden map, but have not given up on it yet, by any means. And I think I too will frame this one. . .no way I will let anyone take it apart after all my hard work. . lol. Keep up the good work and God Bless You all.
--mitzy from DFW Texas

Loved it !
I loved this puzzled!! I received it as a gift, started it on the 9th of March and finished it on the 15th. That is, the actual putting the pieces together. Aside to Gill of Australia--haven't found the hidden map yet either so this may not be an American thing?; I do love a mystery and it will not be taken off the table until I do.
--Bonnie from Texas, USA

This puzzle was so hard at first when I started it with my dad.I got it as a gift so we both got started a week and a day ago.We did that puzzle every day for an hour at least!When we finished it,it took us an hour to find the SMALL hidden map.
--Jenelle from New Jersey

rather challenging but I enjoyed it.
The puzzle took me about 3 weeks on and off to complete. I found the map after 2 days of looking, which was in a place I would have never thought to look when I started.
--Melissa from Australia

Simply the Best
This puzzle was very challenging, but once I got going, I couldn't stop. A hint that I found useful in this puzzle for those who might need it: try puting the dark lines together first and let everything else build off of worked for me! As for the hidden image, my mom found it within a few minutes. Check out the back of the puzzle box for a hint! Good Luck!
--Steph from Pittsburgh

This one takes the cake! Impossible is right
Being a puzzle lover I am committed to this one which turns out to be "impossible" I was encouraged by the comments of others. There was no sheet enclosed with the puzzle to help things along and wonder if anyone else wondered about this. Still going along and hope to find the "map" which I had no idea was there.
--Curly from Ohio

Intensive Puzzling
I just finished Cow Country after 11 days of working at it here and there, two of those days pretty intensely. I haven't found the map people are talking about yet, but I think my eyes need a rest. I'm very disappointed because a piece is missing. At least it's a corner piece. I may be dissecting the sweeper bag - just in case. I love to puzzle and this was perhaps the most challenging one to date.
--Nancy from PA

would be helpful to have a full picture
would be helpful to have a full there one?
--becky from florida

I love Impossibles!
I love this puzzle. I became obsessed with it.
--Cindy from Cincinnati, OH

I am addicted.
Very challenging. Can not locate the milk and cookies. And where is the map? Not a clue what this is about.
--Tina from Peake south Australia

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