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Analyze Me!

Analyze Me!

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Price:$19.98 Ages: 18+

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by Blue Orange Games #BL00470

Description - Analyze Me!    
Analyze Me! is filled with humorous, revealing, and intriguing questions... all designed to help you get to know your family and friends a little better, and become the next graduate of the Shrink Academy.

On your turn, you ask a question from 1 of 4 categories: Work Life, Private Life, Social Life, and Play Life. The other players submit a card facedown indicating their answer (either A, B or C). As you peer into their minds and hearts, try to guess their true personality and preferences. Guess who answered what correctly and you win the category card. The first player to collect 1 of each category card wins the game!

Whether you go down as one of the worst shrinks in history or become a "master of the couch," Analyze Me! will lead to lively discussions, a few secrets, and hopefully a little honesty as your opponents become confidants.

Analyze Me! will call upon the knowledge of the actions and motives of others and tap into human psychology. It encourages all players to lower the defenses they often carry around with them throughout the day and unwind with light-hearted questions, while at the same time produce some serious thought and consideration to other questions.

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