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Anti-Monopoly 35th Anniversary Edition

Anti-Monopoly 35th Anniversary Edition

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Price:$24.98 Ages: 8+

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by University Games #01853

Description - Anti-Monopoly 35th Anniversary Edition    
This edition of Anti-Monopoly celebrates the 35th anniversary of the game with a new package. Great for the collector in your family, this edition features updated components and more!

This real estate trading game is not the one you're used to! It's actually a great twist to the "monopoly" folk game invented by Elizabeth Maggie 100 years ago, and it's right out of today's headlines: free market competitors clash with ruthless monopolists. In the real business world, competitors and monopolists both work hard to make money, but they go about it differently. Competitors sell their goods at market prices to make a profit. Monopolists prefer to wipe out their competitors so they can fix prices above market levels and make bigger profits.

Anti-Monopoly gives players a chance to see these dynamics at work. Players divvy up between competitors and monopolists, and the two types of players then follow different rules. No other game pits players following different rules against each other.
Who will you be in your quest for riches?

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