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3D Crystal Puzzle - Horse: 98 Pcs

3D Crystal Puzzle - Horse: 98 Pcs

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Price:$20.98 Ages: 12+

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3D Puzzles
by BePuzzled #30962

Description - 3D Crystal Puzzle - Horse: 98 Pcs    
Delight your mind and eyes with this noble Deluxe 3 dimensional brainteaser! When you've pieced its interlocking plastic pieces together (be ready for a challenge), its colorful, sleek design will impress any puzzler.

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Judith  from  Bayonne, NJ
So much fun!
This puzzle was so much fun to put together, I loved being able to display it once I finished putting it together.

Karen  from  New Hampshire
Was Slightly Challenging
This one took me 2 days to put together. The major problems I had with this one was 1. figuring out how to assemble the base. My Husband helped me with that. That should have been the easiest part of the puzzle too. 2. Pieces did not want to stay where they were supposed to be. They kept popping out of place. I knew they would stay in place once I put the tightening rod in. When the pieces popped out of place... that usually means that the puzzle fell apart on me and I had to start over from where it fell apart. I had to try to figure out which pieces went where again. I had to take a break from working on it a few times when that happened. Otherwise this puzzle was fun to work on. And makes a great addition to my collection. I was so happy when it was finally completed !!

Maricela  from  Mexico
I bought this puzzle in a bookstore.... And i saw many basic level 1 puzzles but since i love horses and i saw that is level 3 and i wanted to take the risk to try it.... It was so hard to get it together since the pieces almost looked the same but today i just finished it and i am soo happy! This pizzle made my brain to over work and train my logic skills.... I totally recomend this game for those who want to make their brains work.... Really worth it!!

Robert  from  New Jersey
The most difficult one yet!
Very difficult, very challenging. So many of the pieces look so identical. Had to start with the head and neck, then stop and do its butt to eliminate those pieces, then do the center...

dina  from  gowanda ny
a collection piece
Awesome puzzle and great addition to my horse collection

Victoria  from  Michigan
Great puzzle
I enjoyed this puzzle. My only issue is I can not figure out how to get the locking pole to tighten.

Jo  from  TX
to say the least, this was interesting. Aside from the pieces not wanting to stay together, i got it in 6 hours.i had to let the pieces sit loosely in their spots and then tighten it later.